Lady Gaga at the Grammys

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Los Angeles, 2016

Lady Gaga hit the stage for an incredible performance that paid tribute to the late David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

Being the link between the creative and the technical team BAJT programmed and operated the show, as well as planned and engineered the d3 media server system, together with Stephan Hambsch, Joss Gray and Troy Fujimura. 

A key feature to the show was the trackable IntelCurie rings Lady Gaga and Nile Rodgers wore during the performance; their 3D positions as well as a number of pre-defined gestures was captured in real-time and produced instant graphics using the visual engine Notch - mapped and played back by d3. d3 also triggered the robot animations, designed by andyRobot. 

The face mapping was created by the talented team of Nobumichi Asai.


LadyGaga 在洛杉矶斯台普斯中心2016格莱美奖盛会上炫目登场

d3系统可谓艺术和数字的完美结晶,此次演出最大的亮点是Lady Gaga身上的可追踪光环,事先预置的三维动画图案和视觉效果被d3投射出来,David Bowie 脸部特效由 Nobumichi Asai 完成,这是 Lady Gaga向 Bowie 致敬之作。


Client: Prettybird via Studio_XO
Head producer: Mark Logue 
Producer: Ulla Winkler
Creative Director: Ruth Hogben
Face mapping by: Nobumichi Asai
Content creators: Chris Pearson and Chris Davenport
Programming & operation by: BAJT
IntelCurie d3 integration coding: Joss Gray
Technical mangement by: Troy Fujimura
Video supplier: VER with d3 Systems Engineer Stephan Hambsch
Mediaserver: d3
Real-time plugin: Notch