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AspectUnlimited specializes in creative workflows,technical design consultation and 3D simulation for live events, projection mapping & interactive media installations. Grounding creative vision through a process. We take your conceptual sketch and transform it into an active simulation for creative and technical collaboration to realize your vision. From Pitch to Show... We are here to Help.


Principal consultant Shannon Harvey has a decade of experience in developing products and projects for entertainment, installation and architectural visual experiences. He has worked for Carnegie Mellon, Philips, amBX, Integrated Theater Systems, United Visual Artists and d3 Technologies in research, development, product management, technical sales, project & account management, show production and creative design.

Shannon is the Course Leader for Visual Production at Backstage Academy working with up-and-coming talent for live event visual production on creative and technical workflows, systems design, software training and developing critical problem solving expertise.

Since the founding of the firm, Clear Story has continued to expand its menu of services to include: permanent and traveling exhibits; temporary installations; theatrical and performance productions; interior and exterior architectural lighting and projection; special event planning and production management; art handling, preparation, and preservation.

Shannon works with regular team of professionals to deliever creative and technical sollutions including; previsualization and pitch development technical studies and content workflows content creation and media server operation