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WE DISCUSS From Pencil Sketch and Blue Sky thinking, we love to talk through creative challenges that push the live event horizon. WE DEVELOP We take those challenges and work them, test them, sometimes break them. Then make sure all aspects are not only creatively stimulating but also technically viable. WE DESIGN We live in a 3 dimensional world so we think, design and work in 3D. Our applications and technology follow a path to maximize creativity with technical reality – images, influences and ideas through to 3D drafting and technical layouts. We love to blend technology with creativity. WE DELIVER FIX8Group is exceptional in having the creativity and technical excellence in house for design and idea generation – along with production and live event operational experience which covers all forms of events and broadcasting. Our delivery encompasses the whole production flow from ideas and planning to onsite activation in one smooth process.



  • fix8group
  • Alcatraz Building, Hallam Mill, Hallam Street,
  • Stockport, Cheshire SK2 6PT, UK
  • +44 161 480 8881


We are Market Leaders in innovative event technical delivery.

We operate at the cutting edge of visual production. The core production team offer world beating experience and energy along with the ability to bring the most up to date and startling visual applications into the live arena.

When creativity, content management and system design operate best they operate hand in hand together providing complete solutions complex live environments.

– Projection and LED Mapping

– 3D Interactive Design

– 360º Widescreen

– Immersive Presentations

– Immersive Presentations

– Production, Lighting and Video Design

– Programming & Operation

– Content Creation

FIX8Group provides a centre where these complex live environments and detailed productions come to life.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch we’d be delighted to hear from you!